The Training Process

 Service Dog Training is completed in phases which alternates between onsite training and the home environment.   The focus is to align all the participants in the process as relational change takes hold and advances towards certification.   Phase III represents PTSD and Emotion Support Designation while Phase IIII is task specific via physical abilities via support and picking up objects.

Phase I

14 Days Onsite Training

In Training Certification – Temporarily Designation

During the initial 2 week onsite training process the focus is on relationship change and with altering the perceptions of the dog via specific interactions which establish the foundation for task related training during phase 3 and 4.

Home Training

After completing the 2 week onsite training the dog returns back to the home as part of the ongoing transitioning process.  The owner is encouraged to interact in ways which are helpful to the training with the help of the trainer who is involved via Home Visits during these 2 weeks.

Phase II

14 Days Onsite Training

Onsite training continues for 2 weeks as the Service Dog Process advances.  During this phase specific interaction based training continues to establish a high level of focus onto the trainer as task related training begins.

Home Training

2 weeks    

Phase III

14 Days Onsite Training

This phase involves a more active role with the owner meeting at various locations to participate in the process.  During this phase training is completed in challenging environments involving other dogs, people and distractions.  

Home Training

2 Weeks

For Emotional Support Designation this is the Final Phase for Certification


Phase IIII

This Phase of Training represents the designation for Service Dog under the American Disabilities Act via task specific training.

Physical Assistance

14 Days Onsite Training

Home Training


All Training is recorded to establish the designation for Service Dog

Owners receive a password accessible area where all training records are kept for lifetime of dog