While the majority of training systems use treats and motivating agents right out of the starting gate in an attempt to establish focus and response via performing certain tasks this system of training understands the problems associated with this very popular approach.  Once a dog has already gained a level of control in the relationship motivating response this way often takes the path of bribery and this is the reason why many service dogs fail to meet expectations especially in more distracting areas.  This interaction based approach changes the perceptions of dogs the right way allowing the dog to focus with performing the numerous tasks needed in all environments.


The issue of possessiveness is very problematic within the service dog world based on bribery based methodology which represents an open door for dogs to continue to maintain a level of control within the relationship.  This translates into the dog being connected with the owner the wrong way via possessiveness which can cause serious issues including aggression towards other dogs and people.  This unique system of training follows the right path with making sure the dog is aligned with the follower role. 


While other systems of training panic regarding allowing the public to interact with and pet their service dog this system of training takes a different path.  By advocating a proper process based on a dog’s perceptions aligning properly certain interactions can happen without fear that the dog will lose focus.  This system of training allows for you to have those special moments with your dog and members of the public.